About Us

byMazy® is passion, excitement, and sizzle. An original way of looking at things. A distinctive label that blends elements of modern and minimalist design. At byMazy we are committed to enrich the lives of our customers by creating unparalleled and innovative designs tailored to redefine your aquarium experience.

about aquascape byMazy


Our Mark

Tiny yet mighty, our symbol - seeds - represents our ideas, skills, knowledge we choose to plant in our mental and spiritual garden. The seeds represent the spark which gives birth to our creations. These seeds grow into a majestic product meant to spread love and carry on for generations. Also, the seed is the centre of being, the heart. It is within our hearts that our creative ideas reside.

We are on a quest to redefine aquarium decor.

Discover our collections showcasing unique aquarium decorations and fish tank ornaments crafted exclusively for your fish and aquatic pets. Every single piece in our collection is individually crafted with intention and meaning. We do not mass-produce our designs.


Each item in our aquarium decoration collection is meticulously engraved with our registered trademark, a mark of quality assurance that guarantees the genuine craftsmanship and unique design of your aquatic masterpiece. When you choose Aquascape byMazy, you're not just acquiring an aquarium decoration; you're investing in an authentic, handcrafted work of art for your fish tank. We exclusively own the design rights, copyrights, and all other intellectual property rights. Our innovative designs are officially registered with Intellectual Property Office.


Design is a deeply personal affair. To each piece we attach special meanings and rituals.

Founder and designer Maria finds inspiration in architecture, nature and urban life. “We hold the belief that our mission is to tell you a story, and with each occasion it should unfold a new tale that encourages dreaming and offers an escape into the realms of boundless imagination. Drawing inspiration from history, architecture and nature we always try to transcend the ordinary and commonplace. We thank you for your choice – by choosing our creations, you become a part of our evolving history.”


Every design piece starts with paper sketches in hand. This visual idea becomes a 3D CAD (computer-aided design) file. We rely on 3D printing and prototyping throughout the product design and development process. Our products are produced in premium PETG plastic.

All of our new and original designs are registered with the Intellectual Property Office. We have marked our protected products with a relevant internet link that associates the product with the number of the registered design. No reproduction and/or copying of our products and/or our Website and/or any and/or all of the material contained on our Website is permitted without our prior written consent.


Sustainability requires ongoing commitment. Our products are designed to last, boasting premium-quality materials and timeless designs. That's why byMazy® products are crafted from recyclable plastic and packaged in paper. We are committed to reducing our impact, promoting sustainability, and endorsing the use of recyclable materials.